Suspension Services

DeVol Engineered Racing Suspension has a very simple goal in mind, to keep you comfortable and safe as you get faster on all conditions! DeVol Engineering is based in Enumclaw, Washington, near Seattle/ Tacoma. DeVol has been the leading Suspension and Alloy Guard leaders in the Northwest since 1980. Even though we are from the rainy Pacific Northwest, DeVol test riders have the advantage of riding in all 4 seasons and every type of terrain for riding known to man.

What else can you ask for? For 32 years, DeVol Engineered Suspension technicians have been giving our customers motorcycles with the handling and comfort they deserve. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a track, woods, sand dunes, snow, hill climb or freestyle ramp. DeVol Engineered Suspension will set you up with the upgrades you need to succeed!

DeVol Racing Suspension only uses the best products, fluids, tools and machines you can buy to complete your suspension. We have personally been racing professional motocross for a combined total of 30 years. DeVol Suspension technicians have been with many of the Factories and Factory Supported Team riders. We build your suspension with technical knowledge, which allows us produce highly qualified personalized suspension for all different types of riding styles and abilities.

When DeVol modifies your suspension, we start with talking to the rider and getting to know that person and bike. We listen to exactly what you want and what you are having issues with. After you have received your suspension, you will look forward to a call to check how your suspension is performing. DeVol Suspension warranties all of our valving and spring rates at the time of pick-up!

We back up our name, reputation, services, testing and products with 32 years experience. Our technicians are very experienced and fully qualified to handle everyone of your personal suspension needs. DeVol Racing Suspension is ready to take on the task of making your motorcycle perfectly set up for you. We pride ourselves in the work we perform and take all suspension jobs as if they were our own motorcycle. That’s our promise and GUARANTEE!!!!

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