If you are looking for an easy way to lower you bike you have probably done a bit of research to find the best solution. While looking online we'll bet you've come across two different types of lowering links or pull rods and wondering how they are different.

So, what is the difference between the DeVol Transformer Pull Rod and the DeVol Lowering Link?

Here at DeVol, we get that question a lot and for good reason. It can be a little confusing in the industry, so we would like to clear it up for you! Read below to learn the different features and results of the two products and how they compare.

DeVol Transformer Pull Rod

In general terms, this product is specifically designed to enhance the performance of a dirt bike's suspension. 

The most basic explanation in how it accomplishes this is the length of the pull-rod. The Transformer Pull Rod's longest length is only a few millimeters longer than stock.

A longer pull-rod, even only a few millimeters, stiffens the initial linkage curve and improves the bike's chassis geometry. You can read more details about how this all works in our article - "Why Lowering a Motorcycle Makes a Difference in the Performance".

This product is comparable to the other types of performance pull rods and lowering links on the market, but the DeVol Transformer Pull Rod comes with more freedom to adjust the length of the pull rod and have up to 5 length settings to choose from.

The DeVol Transformer Pull Rod is recommended for riders/racers who are looking to fine tune their bike's suspension for maximum performance.

DeVol Lowering Link

The sole purpose of this product is to simply lower a bike's seat height as much as possible to allow riders with shorter pant inseams to be closer to the ground to touch and feel more comfortable on taller bikes.

The mechanics of the DeVol Lowering Link are the same, only the length of the link is slightly longer than even the DeVol Transformer Pull Rod to lower the bike even more. Depending on the bike model, our Lowering Linkages can lower up to 1.75" at the seat height.

The DeVol Lowering Link is not adjustable like the Transformer Pull-Rod, so we recommend keeping the stock link around in case the bike needs to go back to the stock height again.

This product is not the industry's definition of a "Lowering Link". The DeVol Lowering Link is truly made to lower the seat height to make the rider feel more comfortable on their bike.

We recommend the DeVol Lowering Link only for non-competitive riders who enjoy the trails more than the track and want to feel more confident being able to touch the ground while riding. This product is NOT for aggressive, skilled riders/racers that jump or ride normally on the track.

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