When installing a Lowering Link, Lowering Pull Rod, or lowering the rear end of your motorcycle by suspension, you may need to lower the front end of your bike as well in order to balance the geometry of your bike. By balancing the geometry of your bike, you are ensuring your bike rides comfortably and performs at it's best. 

Read on to learn the two options to get the correct balance back after lowering the rear end of your bike. 

Raise the Forks Through the Triple Clamps

One of the easiest options is to raise the forks up in the triple clamps to achieve the correct measurement. Depending on how much your rear end has been lowered, you will want to lower the front end just as much. Sometimes you simply do not have enough room to push the forks enough through the triple clamps to achieve complete balance for your bike. If you are not able to raise the forks enough through the triple clamps, you have two more options to lower the forks.

One thing to be aware of is that lowering your forks by raising them through the triple clamp may lower your handle bars to an uncomfortable level as well. We recommend looking into purchasing handle bar risers if this becomes the case. There are a few different styles of handlebar risers that you can install on your bike. One installs on the handlebar clamp, one that raises up the handlebar clamp post and one that is a overall taller handlebar clamp. All handle bar risers accomplish the same benefit, so doing some research on the features before you buy will be your best bet.These are easy to install and get the adjustment your looking for to match the lowering of your bike's rear end.

Lower the Front Forks Internally

This option needs to be done by a trusted and professional suspension technician. This is more specialized and custom. Lowering the front forks internally to match the rear will allow you to have more adjustments overall and be specifically tailored to you.

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